Thursday, September 9, 2010

Porcupine Mountains Waterfall, Michigan

I found this photo taken by Gowtham, a college professor in Michigan who is also an independent photographer. He takes a variety of portraits, sports photos and wildlife photos. I do not really like the rest of his work but I can say that he has some good quality shots. 

He submitted this photo to National Geographic and it was given the best photo of the day award in April, 2009. The picture was taken off of a suspended bridge in Michigan's porcupine Mountains, apparently on a breezy afternoon. He used a ten second exposure time to give the water a soft ribbon effect, making the picture look breathtakingly calm. The first thing that caught my eye was the rock formation that the water is running through because of how unique and beautiful it looks. The slightly dark, natural lighting along with the dark creamy water makes for a serene scenery and good photo. I did notice that the rocks on either side of the water seem to have a blurry depth of field  which was probably hard to fix with the lighting in that area. But other than that, the title of best photo of the day on National Geographic was well deserved.


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