Monday, August 30, 2010

National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography

Reading over the first few chapters of the text, I found that Tim Fitzharris's writing style didn't particularly appeal to me. His style of writing is exactly what I would expect from an artist like himself; he tends to describe things in lengthy detail in a very artistic way, whereas I would prefer the straightforward information. He also didn't go into very much detail about camera-related vocabulary (such as ISO, f-stops, and noise). It was hard to read something that focused on topics I didn't completely understand. He does give decent examples and his own personal opinion on certain subjects, which helps the reader relate to what he is talking about. The photographs on each page are ridiculous and I'm glad he picked the ones he did so far because it makes me want to keep reading, or more or less, looking. Hopefully I get more into his writing the more we read and better understand and follow once I know the technical terms related to photography. It still is easy to read and I believe that it will teach me a lot about photography and give me good personal examples on how to become a better photographer.

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