Thursday, October 28, 2010

Igor Siwanowicz

     I recently found a photographer by the name of Igor Siwanowicz on, who has a good collection of macro photos. He has a wide array of photos in his portfolio including bugs, reptiles, people, landscape, as well as some digitally manipulated photos that are quite impressive.  These shots are not only well done but are of things and places that I have never seen before, making them all the more appealing. There is no biography filled out so I don' know much about him and only some of the pictures have information on what type of camera or lens he used.
    After a project in a class where we had to make a bug collection, I became interested in bugs and how cool they really are when you look at them up close.  I found a praying mantis and thought it would be cool to take macro shots of it but never got the chance. When I saw his photos of praying mantises it made me want to find more here in Montana and take photos of them. Also there are plenty of spiders that live around here to take photos of as well. This portfolio was truly inspiring and will hopefully further inspire me after winter when the insects come back out.

Here is one of my favorites from Igor Siwanowicz's portfolio:


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